Welcome from Head Students

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you an insight into our Hope family and academy life. We are Daniel, and Jenna, and are the proud Head Students of Hope Academy for 2023/24.

Our job this academic year is to support and serve our community through their secondary school journey.

At Hope Academy we pride ourselves on living out Core Values, our  vision of serving one another through love and our ability as a community to prepare young people  for life inside and outside of education.

Speaking from experience, we can both say that Hope Academy has allowed us to flourish and thrive from the shy young students we once were, to the outgoing, mature and confident young people we have become.

We are part of the senior prefect team and in collaboration with the senior leadership team and all students at Hope Academy we are constantly looking at how we can improve the experiences and opportunities for our community. We do this be leading by our mission of working together to inspire excellence, guided by Christian values, We will work tirelessly through student voice to give every students the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

Now we will share our stories, our first chapter of our secondary school book.


I remember in 2019 both Jenna and I being filled with nerves and fear facing our first day at Hope Academy. The idea of joining a new school was daunting at first; it was much larger than St Peter’s, with two more floors and 1000’s more students. However, after my first day I was assured that Hope was the place for me. Both the students and staff offered, ambition, encouragement, and kindness through the simplest of gestures, such as helping me find a classroom and greeting me with a warm smile. Not only this but I soon realised that there were 312 other people in the same situation as me, it made me realise I wasn’t alone.


During my last day at primary school at The District I vividly remember crying buckets of tears that day, I was absolutely petrified of what could come next in my life. I had moved schools twice before, even to a different country once, but that fear had not compared to what I felt on that day. Going from the oldest in a school, to the youngest was overwhelming but at Hope Academy I felt like I was the same age as everyone else. The ability to walk to your own lessons astonished me for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to be lined up or have my finger over my mouth to be respected. Although now that doesn’t feel as much as a privilege as it did then,  I still feel equally respected. And the one thing that will never fail to astonish me is every teacher’s passion for what they do. Day in and day out, I see teachers prioritising a student’s needs over whatever is in their planner. 

Our ethos is not just writing on the wall, it is acted upon. Each student doesn’t just deserve respect, each student is provided with it.

We hope we’ve given you an insight into our Hope family and looking forward to welcoming you to our academy on a future visit.