Supporting your child with coaching conversations

The script below is designed to help structure a coaching conversation between you and your child. The aim here is to support students’ form positive habits that will help them to achieve their full potential. This may be something that you wish to revisit regularly throughout the year.


  1. What are you worried about with regards to the exam? (Parent and student answer)
  2. When do you feel at your most productive for revision?
  3. What do you need in terms of support from me? (Tidy or quiet space at home? Food and drink? Timings?)
  4. When don’t you want to revise?
  5. How do you feel at this time?
  6. What can you do to improve your feelings towards revision?
    1. Sleep?
    2. Devices?
    3. Food and nutrition?
    4. Social time?
    5. Rewards?
  7. What have you been able to ‘stick’ with? A hobby? A job? A subject you do feel successful within?
  8. What made that work for you?
  9. How can we put those things into practice for two subjects now – one where you feel confident and one where you don’t?
  10. How often should we have this sort of conversation?
  11. What do you want to achieve between now and…
    1. The Christmas holidays starting?
    2. The Christmas holidays ending?
    3. The end of January?
    4. The start of February half term?
    5. The end of February half term?

List three practical things you will each do before the end of this week to start the revision process (Parent and student answer).