Encounters with Employers for Students

Throughout your time at Hope Academy, you will be given the opportunity to have encounters with employers.

Please find below opportunities you can take advantage of to gain this valuable experience yourself too.

COVID 19 paved the way for a variety of alternative encounters with employer opportunities.

Here are a number of providers that are still offering online opportunities which you can fit easily around your studies. These sites not only offer work experience but also workshops to help improve your employability skills. Please also keep checking our Careers at Hope Newsletter as this also has so many opportunities and experiences for you to take up.

What are employability skills?

Getting a job isn’t just about being ‘technically’ able. Employers are also looking for ‘skills’ such as teamwork and communication.

Watch this video to find out more!

How can you improve your employability skills?

What is going to set you apart from somebody else who is applying for the same job as you? Try some of these tips to improve your employability skills to give you the edge over other applicants!

If you have any questions about our provision please email careers@hopeacademy.org.uk