House System

We are extremely proud of our House System at Hope Academy. Our House System focuses on developing the character of our students and allows us to celebrate and reward our students daily which creates another level of pastoral support where both staff and students feel like they belong to a House Family. The House System creates many opportunities for celebrating our students and encourages them to partake in a range of activities such as charity work, sponsored events and the celebration of worldwide events.

Our House names were carefully selected and decided upon as they all link to the Christian ecumenical communities. Students wear badges that show which House they belong to and the names and colours of our Houses are as follows:

Taizé – Burgundy, France

Iona – Scottish Island

Corrymeela – Ballycastle and Belfast

Othona – Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

The House System gives students the chance to socialise and interact with students from different year groups whilst maintaining the Inspire Group structure. It also allows us to implement different competitions and events throughout the academic year to ensure that all students can be actively involved in a range of experiences to support their House.

Staff are able to reward students by giving them Respect, Courage, Ambition and OIAWD Reward Points. Reward Points are then added to a weekly and overall running total for their House. The winning House, with the most Reward Points at the end of the year, are rewarded with the House Festival and presented with the House Cup. Heads of House also regularly reward students with certificates for the amount of Reward Points that individuals collect throughout the year.

Year 11 Prefect Leadership

House Ambassador Leadership

Student Voice Leadership