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At Hope Academy we take the view of our pupils very seriously. Below you will find a summary of all of our most recent pupil lead focus groups.
Learner Feedback Summary - December 2013
Subject Area You Said We did
ICT/Business/Public Services • We want to do more peer assessments in ICT lessons.

• We wanted to work more in groups.
• We have now added more to lessons.

• We have added more group work tasks to each lesson/learning plan.
Media Studies • We would like more time and training on Photoshop.

• We would like to do some video editing.

• We like projects that analyse existing pieces of media.
• Planned mini project into scheme of work to practice Photoshop skills.

• Worked with ICT department to get a video editing site licence.

• Changed film texts to include up to date examples.
RE • We would like more group work.

• We would like to use the computers more in lessons.

• We would like more exam practice.
• Incorporate more time for group work.

• As far as possible book computer suites for lessons.

• Years 10/11 more exam questions for homework and classwork.
• We would like more group work, independent work & ICT focussed work.

• We don’t know our target grades or how to achieve them.

• We don’t get enough recognition for our work.

• To be considered in next curriculum review & redesign.

• Make sure targets are shared & reinforce this by them being visible on front of student’s books.

• Make praise postcards accessible in Humanities Office.

Maths • We like using the computers and working independently.

• We like to use mini whiteboards in our lessons.
• Most classes now have at least one lesson per fortnight in the computer room, and we are trailing a new numeracy package to use.

• All classes now have a full set of mini whiteboards and the teachers who would not normally use them have been given some ideas and are encouraged to try them.
School Council • We like ‘Have Your Say’ slips, but we sometimes want it to be anonymous.

• We want to be more involved in the evaluation of Form Time.
• Please use the slips anonymously if you like.

• Pupils are now invited to do SMSC walks with Head of Year.
PE • We really enjoy the inter form competitions, please can we have more of them?

• Provided for Y8 on breakout day; hopefully will provide more opportunities on further breakout days & a sports day later in year! (weather permitting)
P.A.S.S. Survey:
The Pupil Attitude to Self and School, 50 point Rating Scale has been developed to measure specific aspects of children’s attitudes towards themselves as learners and their attitudes towards school. The P.A.S.S. is a powerful, multi-factorial measure of pupil attitudes to school and learning and success./ Results are then compared nationally. An P.A.S.S. survey was conducted with 230 pupils from across all year groups.
Results: What we are doing:

Hope Academy pupils were in the top 80% of all pupils surveyed nationally for all 9 areas of the survey.

1 Feelings about school – measuring pupils’ sense of wellbeing, safety and comfort in school.

2 Perceived Learning Capability – measures pupils’ views of how positive and successful they feel in their specific capabilities as learners

3 Self-Regard as a Learner – measures the impact of their learning on their self-concept more generally

4 Preparedness for Learning – measures pupils’ perceptions of their behaviour and attitude in learning situations (including metacognitive skills)

5 Attitudes to teachers- measures pupils’ perceptions of their relationships with teachers

6 General work ethic - measures pupils’ attitudes and responses to work in general and includes associated feelings such as a ‘high’ anxiety element

7 Confidence in learning - measures pupils’ confidence in approaching and dealing with learning and perseverance when presented with challenging tasks

8 Pupils’ attitudes to attendance at school

9 Response to curriculum demands - measures pupils’ perceptions of the appropriateness of the level of difficulty of work they are asked to complete.

We are very proud that our pupils scored so well in this survey

A few improvements were highlighted with very low percentage scores.
In response to this we have

Created a rewards wall ensuring all our pupils have the opportunity to feel valued and unique

Scheduled more family form time break out days

Booked a range of aspirational courses and forward thinking speakers for all year groups

Designed bespoke trips for pupils to increase self confidence in their future goals.

Conducting another round of Teaching and Learning surveys to measure impact.

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