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At Hope Academy we will ensure that:
•  there is an acknowledged ethos of the stewardship of God’s creation, including service to the local and wider community;
•  the knowledge and understanding of the natural, built and human environment is at the heart of the curriculum;
•  there is a synergy between the building and the students’ improved behaviour;
•  young people learn to take responsibility for their own actions on the environment and others around them;
•  young people make a personal commitment to and take responsibility for a sustainable future. They will develop confidence through being influential in the leadership, management and governance of their school and learn to take responsibility for the impact of their own decisions;
•  young people are outward looking and dedicated to helping their neighbouring communities; they seek to engage their families and their community in the issues of sustainability and the environment;
•  young people have a strong sense of justice and fairness and are tolerant in dealing with others;
•  the commitment to sustainability is evident within and across the curriculum and beyond the formal curriculum into the ethos of all planned and unplanned activity;
•  the contribution of the Academy building and its site is developed so as to make a tangible contribution to the curriculum and to students’ planned learning;
•  equal weight, thought and use is made outside as to the internal environment;
•  there is a commitment to the natural, human and built environment, internationalism and global development;
•  young people will ensure a positive legacy for the future and learn to counter the negative influences of their peers and others;
•    there will be a recognition of the contribution of good environment stewardship to the five “Every Child Matters” outcomes for children, for example
good health: air pollution, water and soil contamination;
safety: traffic level; the loss of green space;
enjoyment and achievement: poor access to natural limits children’s ability to connect with sources of discovery, learning and play;
making a positive contribution: local regeneration and environmental improvement projects can provide opportunities for children and young people to take responsibility for their environment and their future;
•  achieving economic wellbeing: climate change will impact severely on our economy: the challenge for young people is to engage with innovation for sustainable economic development.
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